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Minutes From The Initial Meeting of the Historical Society

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  May 23, 1976  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At a colonial tea on Sunday, May 23, 1976, held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. Winthrop Wilson on Holcomb Road in East Granby, the East Granby Historical Society was established.

Refreshments of May Wine, Lordship Tea, lemon coriander bread, maple raisin bran bread, tuna spread with herbs, cheese and shrimp spread, eggplant caviar on crackers, filled cream puffs, rose geranium tea cakes with Johnny Jump-ups and violets were enjoyed while guests toured the early homestead of Ezekiel Phelps which was built in 1744.

Mr. Peter Revill, vice-president of the Connecticut League of Historical Societies was the guest speaker.  He was introduced by Mrs. Amy Hunderlach.

Mrs. Hunderlach presented a slate of officers consisting of

President - Alan Viets 
Vice-President - Terry Scribner
Treasurer - Evelyn Samsel
Secretary - Jean Boynton

And a board of directors consisting of Donald Holtman, Bertlen F. Turner, Rudolopho Verrilli, Richard Rumohr and Charles Hunderlach.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the slate of officers and board of directors that were presented.  Motion was carried.   Amy Hunderlach will be the membership chairman.

Types of membership and dues were presented:

Active - Single  $5.00
Active - Joint    $7.00
Joint - Sustaining $10.00
Life - (one payment) $70.00

A motion was made and seconded to accept these types of memberships.  Motion carried.

An acceptance speech was made by the new president, Alan Viets.  On June 7th, 7:30PM. at the town hall a meeting of the executive board and board of directors will be held.  By-laws will be drawn-up at this meeting.  Future tentative plans will also be discussed.

No further business was discussed and a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.

  Respectfully submitted,
 Jean Boynton, Secretary



 The mission of the East Granby Historical Society shall be the preservation and promotion of East Granby heritage. To that end the Society will undertake, foster and support efforts that protect and preserve material culture, from documents and personal effects to buildings and landmarks, representative of East Granby history or its people. Further, the Society will sponsor programs and events that facilitate historic awareness of the towns unique historic character, resources and people.





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