Strategic Planning Goals and Strategies





Mission Statement:

The mission of the East Granby Historical Society shall be the preservation and promotion of East Granby heritage.  To that end, the Society will undertake, foster and support efforts that protect and preserve material culture, from documents and personal effects to buildings and landmarks, representative of East Granby and its people.  Further, the Society will sponsor programs and events that facilitate historic awareness of the town’s unique historical character, resources and people…”



Goal 1-Preservation of East Granby Heritage



Strategy 1.1   Preserve the Old Concord Coach 

                        Objective 1.1.1. Focus on the building to preserve the coach.
                        Objective 1.1.2. Establish a budget. Fund raise, as appropriate.
                        Objective 1.1.3. Complete background research.
                        Objective 1.1.4. Set up follow-through system for maintenance/use.

           Strategy 1.2   Support the Preservation of New Gate Prison 

                        Objective 1 1.2.1. Provide personal & physical support.
                        Objective 1.2.2. Support owner/operator of New Gate.
                        Objective 1.2.3. Find New Gate Cemetery.
                        Objective 1.2.4. Encourage support of New Gate through political action. 

           Strategy 1.3 Preserve Key East Granby Landmarks 

                        Objective 1.3.1. Conduct background research.
                        Objective 1.3.2. Obtain financial support.
                        Objective 1.3.3. Focus on beautification projects.


Goal 2: Promotion of East Granby Heritage 

 Strategy 2.1. Sponsor tours of East Granby landmarks.

                        Objective 2.1.1. Conduct historic tours.
                        Objective 2.1.2. Conduct cemetery tours.
                        Objective 2.1.3. Create signs and audio-visual materials on town heritage.

            Strategy 2.2. Promote awareness of East Granby heritage in the schools.

                        Objective 2.2.1. Work with Curriculum Coordinator to identify options.
                        Objective 2.2.2.  Offer field trips and “archaeological digs” for students.
                        Objective 2.2.3.  Hold E.G. History contests/competitions.
                        Objective 2.2.4.  Offer a variety of topics on E.G. history for school presentations.

            Strategy 2.3. Establish signage in key historical places. 

                         Objective 2.3.1 Work to place signs at historical sites.




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